IT Security Audit Report and Finding Templates

Sample IT Security Audit Report and Finding Template
At the minimum the IT Audit Report and Finding template should include information such as:

1. Cover Sheet Cover sheet with title, author name, contact information, and date.

2. Table of Contents If the document is long, a TOC is helpful.

3. Executive Summary Write this after you’ve completed writing the report.Think of what you’d say if you ran into an executive in the elevator and had one minute to summarize your findings.

4. Summary of Findings Discuss the project background briefly as well as the scope, key findings, and methodologies used.

5. Detailed Findings Include relevant detail that you want to capture and report.You may choose to leave some detail out and reference an external document that contains all the detail, depending on how much detail is available. A 9,000 page detail document might not be helpful for anyone but the IT staff.

6. Remediation If you haven’t included remediation recommendations or actions in your findings, include them here.

7. Timelines and Deliverables Any follow up action required should have assigned owners of specific tasks.These tasks should define clear timelines and deliverables.


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